4 Ways Being a Mom is Like Being a Toilet

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Being a mom is like being a toilet.

I know, it’s sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but it’s true, everyone! I’ve thought this one through.

Just think about it. It’s not glamorous, it’s thankless, it raises society up a notch, and it doesn’t work on an empty tank.

Motherhood = toilet. But only in the best ways possible, of course (just imagine the prettiest, cleanest, most beautiful smelling toilet of all time).


Your job is definitely not glamorous

You’ve seen it all. All the bodily fluids (and solids) are simply a regular part of your daily duties when your kids are young (I swear I wipe a poopy butt at least 5x a day!). And even when your kids are older, you still have to put up with a lot of “crap” (cue the talking back, rolling eyes, and disobeying- and I’m just talking about my threenager here, I’m sure it’s going to get much worse). Just like a toilet, dealing with all this on a daily basis is a dirty job.



It’s mostly a thankless job

Because you are so dependable (like, ahem, a toilet) sometimes people take you for granted and miss out on saying thank you and cherishing you for all that you do. Just know that you are holding society together, most literally.

Your influence will help shape the upcoming generation! Each bedtime story, each boo-boo kiss, each teachable moment is what makes your child. It makes them into a good, loving, kind, and intelligent small human, who will grow to be an adult- all under your and their father’s influence. Your job might be thankless, but that’s only because it is a giant pillar of what makes our society good- and it’s usually the everyday wonderful things that humans tend to look over the most.

But in case you need to hear it: thank you for being a good, dedicated, loving mom.



The world depends on you to make life better

Gone are the days we have to trot our freezing tushies through the snow to relieve ourselves in an outhouse in the winters. Or endure the squelching hot stench of them in the summers, flies and all. Neither do we need to have chamber pots stinking up every bedroom corner (or having to empty them out for that matter). Flushing toilets make life easier, more convenient, and more sanitary. And just like the modern convenience of a flushing toilet, motherhood raises you and your children up into a better life.

While being a mother is hard work, it is true that the greatest joys of life can be found by raising children. You get to nurture them, watch them learn and grow, see them accomplish hard things, and reach milestones. From the first time they crawl to the first time they parallel park. They can do incredible things and you are there to encourage, teach, love them, and witness it all. Your life is better for being a mom, and your kids’ lives are better because you complete your role as their mom, no matter how tiring, or dirty, or thankless it can feel sometimes.



You can’t do your job when your tank is empty

This morning, my one-year-old son joined me in the bathroom as I put my contacts in. He was giggling and screeching because he got to push the lever that flushes the toilet. His enthusiasm turned to disappointment, however, as he continually pushed the lever and did not hear the apparently super-hilarious flushing sound. And that’s when I was reminded, a toilet doesn’t work when the tank is not allowed the proper rest and time it takes to refill the tank. Just like me.

And as I washed his hands thoroughly, I thought about all the ways a mom’s “tank” gets emptied and how she can refill it.

I’ve decided that we each have two tanks, a physical and a mental tank.

Between being woken up in the night, to stress, to chasing kids around the playground, to you name it, the physical tank is drawn on 24 hours a day. This tank is the key to our survival. And we fill it with self-care: getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, eating a balanced healthy diet, and getting proper doctor’s care. When that tank is empty or low, we can’t function. It is imperative that we let other things slide when life gets hectic and less important things start creeping in on our physical health. It won’t be perfect, but when you make it a priority, everyone will be happier.

And to go right along side our physical tank is the mental tank which is drawn on to do creative, spiritual, and intelligent things. We use this tank when we are saving money on groceries, playing with your children, disciplining and outsmarting your children, remembering to pray for help before going ape on your children or spouse, and finding solutions to better care for your family and home. And this tank is refilled when you take time to do fun, intelligent things that you enjoy, like adult conversation, or reading books that aren’t made of cardboard and laminate, or the even more rare, but blessed, moment of being able to be alone with your own thoughts.

Please, please, please, remember that you are like a toilet. You need to fill your tanks so you can fulfill your greatest tasks and calling in life.


Motherhood is no joke, is it? It is a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Find out the two ways you can make it better.


You are doing a tremendous work in your homes with your children. Thank you. Keep up the good work, I know that when you are in the trenches it can be overwhelming, but I know it will pay off in the end!

And even though I’ve just spent this whole time telling you you are like a toilet, your worth is beyond anything in this world.

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