4 Ways Chucking the Clutter Will Make you Happier

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One of the biggest reasons I declutter and have been embracing minimalist principles is to increase my sanity.

I simply feel better in rooms with minimal decor and objects.

But as I have been on this minimalist journey, I’ve discovered even more happiness than I ever thought, just from owning less.

These are my four favorites:


Minimalism Gives you Permission to Live Simply



Getting rid of my clutter and striving to live more minimally and intentionally has helped me accept that it’s okay to live simply- despite what mainstream culture might say.

In the past, I was constantly letting myself feel like simplicity wasn’t enough, even though that was my natural instinct.

For example, I would watch elaborate beauty routines on YouTube that would make me feel that my own makeup (that I love for it’s simplicity and efficiency) is less than because I don’t have a room, or a vanity, or even a drawer full of makeup.

By embracing simplicity, I have learned that I don’t have to (and literally can’t) give my space and time to every passing whim, fad, or interest. This has been true not only for my makeup routine, but for my weekly and daily routines, my bullet journaling, my homeschooling, and nearly every aspect of my life.


Minimalism Keeps you Honest with Yourself



The more I have decreased my clutter, the more I have increased my honesty with myself.

That book collection full of “classics” I was forced to read in college but never really enjoyed? I was only keeping them (and hauling them all over the country in the last 9 moves) because they made me feel smart. But when I was honest with myself, I realized I didn’t use them or need them, so one day when I was feeling particularly brave, I donated them- which was about half of the books on my shelf.

I have donated so many things that represented who I used to be, or who I hoped to become someday because -let’s be honest- they just weren’t me.

The act of doing this has been so freeing. I have less guilt over the coulda shoulda wouldas and it has given me back the literal and mental space for things I truly love and that define me and serve me for who I am right now.


Minimalism Helps Eliminate Jealousy



Decluttering is much more than the physical act of getting rid of something. It helps you to shift your perspective.

As I’ve decluttered, I’ve been able to come to a place where I see objects for what they are- just a thing that  can serve me in some way.

In the past, advertising and other people’s beautifully decorated homes (I’m looking at you, Pinterest) would fill me with jealousy. But now that I have taken the time to assess and reassess what I own and what I love and what I need, objects outside of this just don’t have that same draw on me.

In fact, I am repelled away from buying more because I know what a process it can be to care for it and possibly have to declutter it later.

Not only has this helped me feel more content with my own life, but it has saved us a lot of money.


Minimalism Saves Time



Surprisingly, owning less has freed up a lot of time.

  • Toy clutter takes less time to pick up
  • Cleaning takes less time because I don’t have to move stuff out of the way first
  • Washing dishes and folding clothes is easier because we have at least 2 less loads a week
  • I can get ready faster in the morning because there are less clothes and makeup to choose from
  • I don’t waste time searching for things

At first, saving time was an unexpected bonus to owning less, but now, it’s one of the biggest motivators for me to declutter further (and one of the deciding factors in creating and naming my blog, Save Time Make Time).

The more my home is decluttered and I the less stuff I buy, I’ve realized I no longer have to dedicate hours of my time in further big decluttering overhauls, or hosting yearly yard sales, or spending weeks packing and unpacking with every move, or organizing stuff I don’t need. It’s just so much more simple.


So, if you have been on a similar decluttering journey, what have been some of the hidden benefits you experienced? Let us know in the comments below.


Are you on the fence about minimalism? It turns out chucking the clutter has some hidden benefits that will make you a whole lot happier




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