Do you feel like you are busy all day and yet nothing gets done?

Do you feel like you need help and no one understands just how hard being a mom is?

Do you ever fantasize about running away because the struggle is real?

I feel ya. Your job isn’t easy. Raising children and caring for a household can be the most tasking work anyone could ever do.

But your love is of the fiercest kind. You got this.

This blog is for you, the mom that needs tools and encouragement to wield that love into the life you want for your family.

Save Time Make Time is a friendly, inspirational, and informational place to get practical tips on making the most out of your day.

You will learn how to…

  • streamline your household duties
  • organize your family’s stuff and schedules
  • set meaningful achievable goals
  • minimize stress and frustration
  • overcome mental blocks
  • make your home and life as efficient as possible

You will save time on the monotonous (and seemingly endless) drudgery of running a house,

so you can make time for what matters: your goals, your dreams, and your family.

Welcome, fellow momma. I am so glad we found each other!

Save time make time momma

My name is Lamora Coons. I am the creator and writer for Save Time Make Time and a homeschooling stay-at-home mom to three wonderful and ever-hungry kids age 4 and under.

When I first became a mom, I was more than overwhelmed! It took me a long time just to figure out how to take care of my baby AND get a shower. Forget clean clothes and clean dishes!

Worst of all, I gave up on my intellectual and creative pursuits of reading and writing (hobbies and work that I had previously identified myself by) and there was never even a thought that I could have time to work from home.

After two years of this, I felt like I had become a soulless and depressed “mom blob” with no identity of my own.

Housework overwhelmed me.

I wanted everything to be perfect and I never had the time to accomplish all the things I intended.

I longed to have time to pursue my life goals and have a pinterest perfect house.

But it was impossible. Why even try?

My home became a reflection of myself: a downright depressing dump.

Slowly, I began to realize that I was using perfectionism as an excuse to procrastinate.

I wanted so much more for my family. I wanted so much more for myself. How could I ever achieve my dreams if I kept on this path?

I decided I just had to somehow make time for everything I needed and wanted to do.

I prayed. Hard.

I realized I no longer needed to be a “mom blob” full of a can’t-do attitude. I could be a great wife AND mom AND homemaker AND writer because that is what God called me to do.

The same skills I had used to be a great student, I began to apply to my mom life.

I prioritized my duties, stopped procrastinating, and motivated myself with reminders of what I really wanted.

I became a bustling momma wielding time management skills, cleaning hacks, and fast recipes.

From there, I built schedules and tweaked time-saving systems that made the household run more efficiently.

Soon enough, I had clean clothes actually in the closets, a clean sink almost every morning, I was homeschooling my oldest kids 5x a week, I was baking homemade friggin bread every week, and I had time to read for pleasure and even write.

I was happy. I was myself again.

I knew that I had “made it” when my friends would ask me how I did it. I love to share with them and now I want to share what I have learned, and am continuing to learn, with you.

I want to empower you to achieve your dreams and knock down your obstacles.

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