4 Ways Chucking the Clutter Will Make you Happier

Thanks for sharing!  One of the biggest reasons I declutter and have been embracing minimalist principles is to increase my sanity. I simply feel better in rooms with minimal decor and objects. But as I have been on this minimalist journey, I’ve discovered even more happiness than I ever thought, just from owning less. These are my four favorites:   Minimalism Gives you Permission to Live Simply     Getting

6 Steps for Helping Your Children Get Quality Sleep

Thanks for sharing!  Of all the things that you teach your children, how to make healthy sleep habits is one of the most important.   It will be a skill they use to improve their well-being throughout their entire life (except maybe when in college). And the best part is, if they are getting sleep, so are you!   This post contains affiliate links, read the full disclosure here. Staying

Baby Sleeping Tips: How to Help Them Safely Sleep Through the Night

Thanks for sharing!  Do you have a new baby and not getting any sleep?   I have been there. I know how miserable it is. I know how worn down you feel. I know how you feel like crying all the time because your hormones are so whack and you are completely exhausted.   And I also know how your eyes turn to laser death rays when your spouse says

The Ultimate Guide for Parents on How to Get Better Sleep

Thanks for sharing!  As a parent, hearing that you need to consistently get 8 hours of sleep to function properly can seem like a cruel joke. Could it be possible they meant to say 7-9 hours per week instead of per night? Because that seems more doable. From our tiny babies needing fed every two hours, to toddlers having nightmares, to children wetting the bed, to teenagers coming home well

6 Ways to Have Energy When You Can’t Get Sleep

Thanks for sharing!  When you have something keeping you up all night, like a sick kid or a teething baby, there is very little you can do about getting good sleep. But there are ways to have enough energy to keep your eyeballs open until bedtime.   Supplement Natural supplements like vitamin b12 can give your body an energy boost when you need it most. You may want to stay

6 Steps to Take Your Tasks From Overwhelming to Streamlined

Thanks for sharing!Do you ever get overwhelmed thinking about all the things you have to get done as a busy parent? Even during a regular old week, it can feel like your to-do list is miles long, right? It is exhausting while you are in the thick of it and overwhelming when you consider it. I’ve been there so often! To combat the overwhelm I have felt and even to

4 Ways Being a Mom is Like Being a Toilet

Thanks for sharing!    Being a mom is like being a toilet. I know, it’s sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but it’s true, everyone! I’ve thought this one through. Just think about it. It’s not glamorous, it’s thankless, it raises society up a notch, and it doesn’t work on an empty tank. Motherhood = toilet. But only in the best ways possible, of course (just imagine the

How to Make an Effective To Do List to Reach Big Goals and Tackle Projects

Thanks for sharing!    If you’ve ever sat and daydreamed about achieving a giant life-changing goal, but weren’t exactly sure how to achieve it, this post is for you. Whatever your big dream or project is, I believe the way to make it happen lies in the humble to-do list. The right kind of to do list can lift your daydreamed goal out of the wasted hours of day-to-day life

Finding Joy in Having and Doing Less: How Minimalism Can Help Stressed Out Moms

Thanks for sharing!    Have you ever felt too busy and overwhelmed and overworked and just blah as a parent today? I believe the answer to many of our modern day parenting woes is minimalism. Minimalism can bring out the best in your life, by subtracting the worst.   Isn’t Minimalism Just a Fad? The first time I heard about minimalism I was in high school. It was the early

10 Free and Cheap Ideas for Unplugged Summer Family Fun

Thanks for sharing!  It’s almost summer and that means the kids will want fun stuff to do. Make this summer the not-bored-out-of-my-mind complaining summer (like last year). Plan ahead now with these 10 Free and Cheap family fun ideas that will keep your kids thinking, learning, and ungluing their eyes from their screens.   10 Free and Cheap Ideas for Unplugged Summer Family Fun   Free Local Family Events In