How to Make an Effective To Do List to Reach Big Goals and Tackle Projects

Thanks for sharing!    If you’ve ever sat and daydreamed about achieving a giant life-changing goal, but weren’t exactly sure how to achieve it, this post is for you. Whatever your big dream or project is, I believe the way to make it happen lies in the humble to-do list. The right kind of to do list can lift your daydreamed goal out of the wasted hours of day-to-day life

Keystone Habits: Transform Your Life by Changing the Way You Define Yourself

Thanks for sharing!    What if you could change your entire life by making just one new habit? In the book, the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, he describes something he calls a keystone habit. Researchers have discovered that people who were able to transform their lives, often started with just one change that made them see themselves differently. This created a ripple effect over their entire life, helping

7 Tips on How to Make New Habits Last (and Change Your Life)

Thanks for sharing!    The simplest way to change your life for the better, even in the busiest of schedules, is to form habits. And no, I’m not just talking about making your bed and flossing your teeth (although those are good, too). Our habits, the things we do every day, are the building blocks of who we are. Our good habits can lead us to happiness, peace, and success.

How to Bullet Journal, the Complete No-Frills Guide for Busy Moms (Infographic)

Thanks for sharing!I have been seeing pictures of bullet journals floating around on pinterest for a long while now. And my first impression was “Wow, that is beautiful!” and then I thought “I don’t have time for that! I’m not an artist. Who are these people that have all this time to decorate their planners so perfectly?” What I didn’t know is that these instagram and pinterest artists were merely

How to Change Your Life for the Better (Free Goal-Planning Guide)

Thanks for sharing! What’s one thing that could significantly change your life for the better? For me, it’s owning a house. I dream about having an immaculate pantry, a backyard with a produce garden, a green lawn where my kids can run around and dig in the dirt, a living room that’s big enough to hold a couch and a loveseat, and I have Pinterest board after Pinterest board dedicated

Have More Time for What You Love by Borrowing these 7 Business Tactics

Thanks for sharing! How much of your time is spent doing things you love? The business world lives and dies by their productivity. Which is why so much effort goes into creating and implementing time-saving tools and methods. Why not build on their ideas to optimize your personal life? These 7 common business tactics can help you make more time for what you love:   1. Schedule and Prioritize The