How to Find Time for New Good Habits (and Finally Reach Your Goals)

Thanks for sharing!    Do you have that one goal that haunts you? You know, the one you never accomplish but can’t stop wishing and hoping you could? Every time you try, even with your best intentions, life seems to get in the way. And the biggest excuse why you trip up over and over again? You don’t have time. Right? Doesn’t that excuse seem valid? But it isn’t. It’s

How a Habit Tracker Can Keep You Motivated to Reach Your Goals (Free Printable)

Thanks for sharing!  Last week we talked about how to make new good habits last and how to break bad habits by re-training your brain. Today, I want to share with you a visual way to keep track of your habits and motivate yourself to keep going! How a Habit Tracker Can Keep You Motivated to Reach Your Goals (Free Printable) What a habit tracker is and how to use

How to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Thanks for sharing!    This last week while I was packing in preparation to move, I happened upon a photograph of myself from 10 years ago. My immediate thoughts were “Wow, I need to whiten my teeth and definitely lose weight. And I guess the dark circles under my eyes aren’t from lack of sleep. Maybe I’m just aging badly.” I stared at the picture a little more, longing for

How to Not Miss Out on Living a Fulfilling Life

Thanks for sharing!It was the morning of my 8th birthday. I was in the 2nd grade and my life was shaping up to be pretty much the best in history.   I was lucky enough to have a teacher that was wonderful and fun. My favorite thing she did was dedicate every second Thursday afternoon to learning a cooking skill. We prepared and shared treats right in the classroom. I