How to Help Your Kids Get Stuff Done Without Nagging (Free printable chore charts)

Thanks for sharing!      Do you feel like you’re constantly nagging your kids to get their chores done and be decent, clean humans? Sometimes I feel like it’s not worth the hassle to bother my kid about washing their dish, or putting away their clothes, or cleaning up their toys… so I just do it myself. But I know that won’t help anyone in the long run.   My

6 Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Car or Van and Get it Ready for Spontaneous Summer Adventures

Thanks for sharing!    Is your car or van looking like a winter storm of papers, hats, old fish crackers, and gloves? It’s time to clean it out and get it organized so your ready for the warm weather fun to come. This post contains affiliate links, read the full disclosure here.   Step one: Clear out the Clutter Take everything out that was on the floor and in the

7 Simple Habits for a Tidy, Stress-Free Home

Thanks for sharing!    Would you define your home as restful, restorative, and tidy? The environment we are in has a huge impact on our stress levels, how we feel about ourselves, and how we treat those around us. I don’t know about you, but it truly throws me off when my home feels dirty or cluttered. I can’t think. I can’t relax. And I am more easily upset. Jeanne

18 Sanity-Saving Laundry Tips (+Free Drawer Labels for Kids)

Thanks for sharing!Laundry. The necessary evil of every living human soul (excepting nudists). I’ve heard that some people actually like doing laundry. It’s like their moment of zen. The clean scents, the fluffy warm towels, the neat crisp lines of a perfect fold, and the satisfaction of a job well done. I can see the hypothetical merits of that. When you have multiple people in the home, though, laundry can

Spend Less Time Cleaning with these 8 Kitchen Products

Thanks for sharing!  8 of the best, no fuss, easy to care for, efficient cleaning (and cleaning prevention) products that I use in my own kitchen and loooove. Click on the pictures to learn more about them.   NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post, but some links are affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. My recommendations and reviews are