8 Freezer Cooking Hacks for Prep Day

Thanks for sharing!If you’ve ever made freezer meals, then you know the joys of having dinners prepped and ready to go for busy (and lazy) nights. I have always loved freezer meals (because I hate cooking. And washing dishes.), but before I started following these 8 freezer cooking hacks, I couldn’t talk myself into making them because of how exhausted I was after a grueling prep day. But the payoff

How to Quickly Plan and Prep Freezer Meals

Thanks for sharing!Have you ever done a freezer cooking session? There you are, furiously chopping vegetables, measuring seasoning, browning ground beef, and portioning out chicken breasts for a couple of hours, and before you know it, dinners for the entire month are done. It makes you feel like the most amazing woman. After a feat like this, I imagine tiny roaring fans cheering me on as I pack the last