Free Menu Plans Roundup: Healthy, Budget-Friendly, and Time-Saving

Thanks for sharing!    Do you hate/love menu planning as much as I do? I love having a menu plan because it keeps me organized and saves me money. But actually making a menu plan? It’s the pits. I’ve mentioned before how I hate to menu plan and how I’m successful at avoiding. Part of my plan to not menu plan is having lots of menu resources up my sleeve.

50 No-Prep Healthy Foods For When You have No Time

Thanks for sharing!You need to eat, and heaven knows your family needs to eat, but if you are maxed out on time and motivation because of work, school, chauffeuring, having a new baby, toddlers that eat fifteen meals a day, or all of the above, the solution for meals is having healthy, ready-to-eat, minimal-clean-up, whole food on hand at all times. ALL. TIMES. This just got serious. 50 No-Prep Healthy

Simplified Menu Planning (+100 Easy Dinner Ideas)

Thanks for sharing!Have you ever been staring into your pantry just willing your mind to come up with something for dinner? Having a meal plan can save you from that dread, but then you would have to actually plan ahead. Sometimes when I would sit down to write out a menu plan, I would either be completely stumped and just go with the same go-to trio of chili, spaghetti, and

Maximize Your Time by Ditching your Planner (Free Printables)

Thanks for sharing! At a time in my life when I desperately needed to get it together, a well-intentioned friend gifted me a planner. Oh boy was it pretty. And colorful. And busy. And big! It had pages for everything you could possibly ever think of to plan for and keep track of, from what I was going to eat for breakfast for the next year, right down to what