How to Organize the Play Area and Clear the Toy Clutter for Good with 1 Simple Rule

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Organizing children’s toys needs to be simple. Rarely do kids want to clean up after themselves, they instead drag everything out, throw it around, and then say they are bored. I struggled with toy clutter for many years until I started to understand the basics of minimalism and tweaking these ideas for my own situation.

How to Clear the Toy Clutter for Good with 1 Simple rule

 How to organize the toys and play room for good with one easy simple rule.

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How to Clear the Clutter

Get rid of almost everything. Yup, I’m not kidding. The reason your kid’s play area is a disaster is because they have too many things.

Don’t worry, your kids won’t feel deprived if you explain why you are doing it and get them involved in the process- you can even let them sell their things and keep the money they earn from their old toys. Once they see how clean and nice it is to be in their space, they won’t look back (at least mine haven’t).

The picture below shows all the toys in my children’s room after we pared down. Aside from puzzles and books on a shelf, a few stuffed animals on their beds, and bath toys in the bathroom, these are the only toys we choose to own.

Keep your toys put away and your play area tidy until it is actually play time

It didn’t used to be like this. We used to have a toy kitchen, and a toy Doc Mcstuffins check up center, and more than double the smaller toys we have now.

Why we cleared out the toys

Having a lot of toys was overwhelming, both for me and my kids. It took too long to clean it up, and there wasn’t any space to actually play, and the toys I had stored in the toy containers were in reach of the kids and were constantly being dumped out.

I’ve been inspired by the minimalist movement. Mostly because it takes less time to organize and clean a minimalist home. So in my effort to embrace the ideals of minimalism, I got rid of everything but this, and put them in bins so they will be out of the way and off the floor.

I am lucky enough to have big closets so these bins all fit in there. The play area is completely clear when they are not playing with toys. This inspires my kids to dance and read books and look out the window more.


Implementing a Toy Rotation System

After we cleared out the excess and organized the remaining toys, we implemented a toy rotation system with only one rule:

  1. Only one tote out at a time

That’s it! The reason for this rule is three-fold:

  • The kids are motivated to clean up their toys because their incentive is to get new toys out.
  • Because there’s only one tote of toys out at any given time, the clean up is not overwhelming or time-consuming.
  • My kids play more with less toys and they play longer because the toys feel new to them.

I absolutely love this new system of ours. It’s inspiring me to embrace minimalism in even more ways throughout our home.

These are the totes I chose for my kids’ toys with affiliate links for your convenience. Whatever you choose, try to get clear containers so it’s easier to find what you want.

The bigger ones are 54 quart sterilite gasket boxes, the smaller ones are 20 quart sterilite gasket boxes, and the biggest one that’s tall enough for our Little People house is a 26 gallon sterilite latch carry tote.

Are your current toy organization methods working for you?





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