Finding Joy in Having and Doing Less: How Minimalism Can Help Stressed Out Moms

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Have you ever felt too busy and overwhelmed and overworked and just blah as a parent today?

I believe the answer to many of our modern day parenting woes is minimalism.

Minimalism can bring out the best in your life, by subtracting the worst.


Isn’t Minimalism Just a Fad?

The first time I heard about minimalism I was in high school.

It was the early 2000s and one of my favorite pastimes was contemplating what I would buy from the Delia’s catalog (if I ever had money).

I thought only Hollywood fake-type people would think minimalism was a good idea.

I just didn’t get it.

Were these people just pretending to be “above” consumerism? There’s no way anyone in their right mind would actually want less stuff, right?!

I mean, minimalism would mean saying no to that funky pink fuzzy throw rug and googly-eyed fish hair clips from Delia’s!



Why You Need Minimalism

Fast forward 15 years and my opinion (on minimalism AND fish hair clips) has changed dramatically.

Now, I’m just your average mom of three kids. I try to make my house somewhat presentable and I help my family know they are loved, eat well, stay alive, and bathe.  

And even that bare minimum is a lot of work!

Add in my church activities, trying to earn money from home, homeschooling, and playing with my kids, and my schedule is packed.

If you also add in extra clothes to wash and furniture to spruce and declutter, and knickknacks to dust, lots of toys to pick up, errands to run, and activities to get to in the mix, it’s even harder, more stressful- and completely unnecessary.

That’s why I’ve been embracing minimalism and making its principles work for me and my family.

And you know what? It makes things easier. A lot easier!



What Exactly is Minimalism?

Minimalism, at it’s heart, is focusing your time, your energy, and your space on what is most important, by subtracting the non-essential.

It looks different for everyone because every person and every family’s priorities are different.

But it means to be aware and mindful; to ask yourself, “What is most important to me, and how can I have more of that in my life?”



How Minimalism Can Help a Stressed Out Mom

Minimalism gives you the freedom to do less of the stuff you hate.

I’m not kidding.

Minimalism literally subtracts extra work and stress from your life.

Let me show you the math:

  • 5 loads of laundry a week + minimalism= 3 loads of laundry a week
  • 2 side tables full of magazines, junk mail, pens, hair ties, and dust + minimalism= 0 side tables with 0 clutter!
  • 4 activities to drive your kids to 5 nights a week + minimalism= 1 activity 2 nights a week they all do together.
  • 1 drawer full of 14 pairs of pants (with only 3 that currently fit) + minimalism = 1 drawer with 3 pairs of pants that fit.

Minimalism is seriously the best. I love it. And I will never go back. EVER.



Where to Start

If you want to get a handle on this stressful motherhood thing, check out how I have used minimalism in my life in the posts below.

I hope they inspire you and help you begin curating a life and home you love:

Is your home overhwleming you with clutter and your schedule overhwelming you with doing stuff you despise? THe answer is subtraction. Minimalism isn't going without a lot of things, it is carefully curating a life you love.


While changing our habits and our environments can be an uphill battle at times, the results you will get from minimizing your stress will be worth it every time.

What will you make more room for in your life?



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