How to Quickly and Easily Earn Money Back on Groceries with Digital Rebate Apps

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Did you know you can earn cash back on grocery and household purchases just by scanning a receipt with your smartphone?

It’s a quick and fun process that can really help you earn back real money spent on groceries. If you have a smartphone, you can start earning today.

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What is a digital rebate app?

It is an app you download on your smartphone that you can earn cash back for buying certain items.

You can often use a paper coupon and a rebate (or multiple rebates from multiple apps when available) on the same item, so you are stacking your savings.

By doing this, I score free and nearly free products every week, sometimes even earning money on a purchase.


Which digital rebate apps are worth your time?

There are many money saving apps, but these 3 fit the bill of being the most versatile, user friendly apps, and the ones that give you real money as opposed to points:



Ibotta is, hands down, my favorite rebate app. They have a ton of product selection, tons of stores and restaurants that give you cash back, their rebates are high value, and they offer lots of fun bonuses.

It’s really easy to use Ibotta, you just unlock the rebates you plan on buying, or have recently bought. After you have made a purchase, you open up the Ibotta app and scan your product and receipt with your phone.

They also have options to earn rebates through online shopping apps. For their preferred stores, all you have to do is link your loyalty card and the verification process is done for you- no scanning required.

After your purchases are verified, the rebate amount will be deposited into your Ibotta account. You can cash out through PayPal or Venmo, or buy a gift card with your money.

Last month, I earned over $30 in rebates from Ibotta in 3 shopping trips (and got several free products!).

My kids love helping me unlock the rewards and scan the products and receipt because it makes fun beeping sounds. It makes them laugh to verify a purchase and see the cloud graphic raining money.

If I had to choose just one rebate app, it would be Ibotta.

Sign up for Ibotta today and earn a $10 bonus!



Mobisave works much the same as Ibotta, but you have to unlock the rebates before you make a purchase. The best thing about mobisave is you can shop anywhere that gives you an itemized receipt. The rebate values are not as enticing, but they tend to offer more rebates for any brand items. While the savings are small, they do add up.

Download mobisave now and start earning.


Checkout 51-

I use Checkout 51 on a regular basis. It is similar to Ibotta in that it has high value rebates, and similar to mobisave in that you have to unlock the rebate before making the purchase. They have decent rebates and they always have a 25 cent choose-your-own rebate for fresh produce every week. They have any retailer rebates, as well as certain bonuses for shopping at a specific store. While I don’t use this app as frequently as I do Ibotta, I keep my eye on the new rebates because sometimes there are some killer deals.

Download Checkout51 and get back cash.


Want to save money on your grocery bill? You can make your smartphone work for you by earning money back on groceries (even healthy produce) with 3 life-changing easy to use apps.


Taking a few minutes to unlock rebates and then scanning your receipt after shopping can end up actually earning you money. Stack that on top of paper coupons, and you will be saving money and getting free products every week.




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