4 Frugal Ways to Watch TV Shows and Movies Without Internet or Cable

Thanks for sharing!    Do you feel like you are stuck paying for cable to watch movies and TV series because you don’t have decent internet? The truth is you don’t have to pay for cable or internet or even have local HD Antenna channels to have TV entertainment. And for the truly thrifty, you can get all your TV entertainment for free. Behold, the humble DVD. I admit, with

4 Ways Being a Mom is Like Being a Toilet

Thanks for sharing!    Being a mom is like being a toilet. I know, it’s sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but it’s true, everyone! I’ve thought this one through. Just think about it. It’s not glamorous, it’s thankless, it raises society up a notch, and it doesn’t work on an empty tank. Motherhood = toilet. But only in the best ways possible, of course (just imagine the

7 Tips on How to Stock up on School Supplies for Pennies (Hint: Start Now)

Thanks for sharing!    Are you tired of spending a ton of money on long expensive lists of school necessities? You can avoid the last minute back to school rush to buy supplies AND get super cheap prices on all the necessities by starting to shop sales in early summer and knowing where to shop.   Where to Shop Office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot/Officemax are the best

How to Make an Effective To Do List to Reach Big Goals and Tackle Projects

Thanks for sharing!    If you’ve ever sat and daydreamed about achieving a giant life-changing goal, but weren’t exactly sure how to achieve it, this post is for you. Whatever your big dream or project is, I believe the way to make it happen lies in the humble to-do list. The right kind of to do list can lift your daydreamed goal out of the wasted hours of day-to-day life

Decluttering Sentimental Items: How to Know What to Keep and What to Toss (Without Guilt)

Thanks for sharing!    Are you decluttering and coming across a lot of sentimental items and memorabilia that make you question whether you should toss them or keep them? Decluttering can be so freeing, but feeling guilty or worried when tossing out some of the more precious items can leave you questioning if it’s worth it. This post will guide you through the questions you need to ask yourself to

Free Menu Plans Roundup: Healthy, Budget-Friendly, and Time-Saving

Thanks for sharing!    Do you hate/love menu planning as much as I do? I love having a menu plan because it keeps me organized and saves me money. But actually making a menu plan? It’s the pits. I’ve mentioned before how I hate to menu plan and how I’m successful at avoiding. Part of my plan to not menu plan is having lots of menu resources up my sleeve.

How to Know What to Buy and Where to Shop to Save Big Money on Clothes (and Love Your Closet Again)

Thanks for sharing!    Do you want to look and feel your best, but have a tiny clothing budget? There are ways to buy quality clothing items for you and your whole family at prices you can afford. All you have to do is have a plan and know where to shop. This post contains affiliate links, read the full disclosure here.   Know What Clothes Items You Need You

Finding Joy in Having and Doing Less: How Minimalism Can Help Stressed Out Moms

Thanks for sharing!    Have you ever felt too busy and overwhelmed and overworked and just blah as a parent today? I believe the answer to many of our modern day parenting woes is minimalism. Minimalism can bring out the best in your life, by subtracting the worst.   Isn’t Minimalism Just a Fad? The first time I heard about minimalism I was in high school. It was the early

Done is Better Than Perfect: How to Overcome Perfectionism and Become a Happy Homemaker

Thanks for sharing!  Are you overwhelmed with keeping your house organized and clean? It may be time to say goodbye to your perfectionist ideals and say hello to more things getting done more easily (and even without you). My new motto is “Done is Better than Perfect.” And this has helped my home not only stay cleaner, but has helped my sanity as well.   Say No to Perfect Years