5 Steps to Using Coupons with Confidence and Saving Money Every Week

Thanks for sharing!    Have you ever tried to save money using a coupon and a misinformed cashier gives you a look or says something nasty? Sometimes, it can feel like they think you are trying to get away with something underhanded. And it can make you feel icky, angry, and embarrassed. But when you understand more about coupons, you can use your couponing knowledge to turn what could be

6 Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Car or Van and Get it Ready for Spontaneous Summer Adventures

Thanks for sharing!    Is your car or van looking like a winter storm of papers, hats, old fish crackers, and gloves? It’s time to clean it out and get it organized so your ready for the warm weather fun to come. This post contains affiliate links, read the full disclosure here.   Step one: Clear out the Clutter Take everything out that was on the floor and in the

How to Quickly and Easily Earn Money Back on Groceries with Digital Rebate Apps

Thanks for sharing!    Did you know you can earn cash back on grocery and household purchases just by scanning a receipt with your smartphone? It’s a quick and fun process that can really help you earn back real money spent on groceries. If you have a smartphone, you can start earning today. This post contains affiliate links, read the full disclosure here.   What is a digital rebate app?

6 Streaming Channels that are Better and Cheaper than Cable TV

Thanks for sharing!    Do you love TV, but hate getting that giant cable or satellite bill in the mail every month? Then call your cable provider and break up with them, because you’re about to find somebody else. In this post I will dive into 6 different streaming apps and discuss their pros, cons and costs. If you are looking for a discussion on which streaming devices you can

What to Use to Replace Your Cable or Satellite TV: 5 Platform Options that Save Money

Thanks for sharing!  Are you ready to skip out on your cable bill and start saving a ton of money in your entertainment budget? Well, my fellow TV-loving friend, there are many MANY cable replacing options nowadays to get your TV fix, and a lot of them are amazingly cheap! This page describes some different platforms you can use to watch HD shows and content found on streaming apps, compares

10 Free and Cheap Ideas for Unplugged Summer Family Fun

Thanks for sharing!  It’s almost summer and that means the kids will want fun stuff to do. Make this summer the not-bored-out-of-my-mind complaining summer (like last year). Plan ahead now with these 10 Free and Cheap family fun ideas that will keep your kids thinking, learning, and ungluing their eyes from their screens.   10 Free and Cheap Ideas for Unplugged Summer Family Fun   Free Local Family Events In

How to Organize Your Email Inbox in 5 Minutes and Keep it Clutter-Free

Thanks for sharing!    Do you have 999+ emails in your inbox because you never delete them or organize them? I did too. (oops!) It got so bad, that some of my personal emails were getting buried by all my Amazon shipping notifications, sale flyers from my favorite stores, and bill statements. I wanted to keep getting those emails, but I also didn’t want to miss messages from friends and

15 Minute Hair and Makeup Tips for the Mom that’s Always Late

Thanks for sharing!Are you that mom that is always late? Me too. Especially when I am trying to get my hair and makeup looking decent. And I really want to fix that. My hope is that by compiling some quick hair and makeup tips, it will not only help me, but it will help other moms out there who feel frazzled when trying to get ready to leave the house.

How to Stop Being Conned by “Sale” Prices at Your Local Grocery Store

Thanks for sharing!    Do you ever feel like grocery stores are a trap to take all your ever-loving money? I love to shop at my local grocery store. They have great deals…sometimes. Just this week I was able to stock up on some peanut butter and pasta at amazing prices from their case lot sale. I didn’t even need to use coupons. But I sometimes feel like I have