7 Tips on How to Make New Habits Last (and Change Your Life)

Thanks for sharing!    The simplest way to change your life for the better, even in the busiest of schedules, is to form habits. And no, I’m not just talking about making your bed and flossing your teeth (although those are good, too). Our habits, the things we do every day, are the building blocks of who we are. Our good habits can lead us to happiness, peace, and success.

Habits that Last: Less Mom Stress is Possible (Series Beginning)

Thanks for sharing!    Moms have a lot of stuff to juggle and lots of different things that stress us out too much (even our own thoughts and expectations)! BUT we have a tool that will help us out: Habits. Changing our habits can break us out of our ruts, change our environments, and help us be less stressed and more mindful. Habits can make us happy! And breaking bad

Organize Passwords and Bill Pay at your Desk (free organizational printables)

Thanks for sharing!    If there was one thing that used to drive me crazy, it was keeping my passwords straight. Lucky for you, I’ve got a free printable password reference sheet for my subscribers + a way to organize your recurring bills and remember their due dates. How to Organize Passwords and Bill Pay at Your Desk This post contains affiliate links, you can read the full disclosure here.

How to Organize the Play Area and Clear the Toy Clutter for Good with 1 Simple Rule

Thanks for sharing!Organizing children’s toys needs to be simple. Rarely do kids want to clean up after themselves, they instead drag everything out, throw it around, and then say they are bored. I struggled with toy clutter for many years until I started to understand the basics of minimalism and tweaking these ideas for my own situation. How to Clear the Toy Clutter for Good with 1 Simple rule  

How to Organize your Refrigerator and Waste Less Food in 2 Easy Steps

Thanks for sharing!The refrigerator was one of those places in my home that was always neglected. It was hard to find anything, and stuff got scattered around a lot. Which means my family was wasting a lot of food because we forgot it was in there. I was tired of wasting food (and money!) so I made a simple change that has made all the difference. How to Organize your

How to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Thanks for sharing!    This last week while I was packing in preparation to move, I happened upon a photograph of myself from 10 years ago. My immediate thoughts were “Wow, I need to whiten my teeth and definitely lose weight. And I guess the dark circles under my eyes aren’t from lack of sleep. Maybe I’m just aging badly.” I stared at the picture a little more, longing for

How to Bullet Journal, the Complete No-Frills Guide for Busy Moms (Infographic)

Thanks for sharing!I have been seeing pictures of bullet journals floating around on pinterest for a long while now. And my first impression was “Wow, that is beautiful!” and then I thought “I don’t have time for that! I’m not an artist. Who are these people that have all this time to decorate their planners so perfectly?” What I didn’t know is that these instagram and pinterest artists were merely

8 Ways to Find the Strength to Raise Children in a Hostile World

Thanks for sharing!I’m writing this because I need for somebody to say it. On days when I feel too much that our world is a crap-hitting-the-fan scenario, this is what I will read to remind myself that things are not hopeless and I am not helpless. Dear parent raising a child in a sometimes hostile and scary world, Remember that you are important. Your children depend on you and your

3 Steps to Diagnose your Mom Day and Get Back Your Sanity

Thanks for sharing!Sometimes our routines get into a rut, and for better or worse, we just maintain that rut out of habit. Especially if we are lacking sleep, (which almost every mom is) it’s hard to have the brain power to realize that things could be better if we took a closer look. How to Diagnose your Mom Day and Get Back Your Sanity   Here is how a typical

How to Not Miss Out on Living a Fulfilling Life

Thanks for sharing!It was the morning of my 8th birthday. I was in the 2nd grade and my life was shaping up to be pretty much the best in history.   I was lucky enough to have a teacher that was wonderful and fun. My favorite thing she did was dedicate every second Thursday afternoon to learning a cooking skill. We prepared and shared treats right in the classroom. I