8 Freezer Cooking Hacks for Prep Day

Thanks for sharing!If you’ve ever made freezer meals, then you know the joys of having dinners prepped and ready to go for busy (and lazy) nights. I have always loved freezer meals (because I hate cooking. And washing dishes.), but before I started following these 8 freezer cooking hacks, I couldn’t talk myself into making them because of how exhausted I was after a grueling prep day. But the payoff

How to Organize All Your Cupboards and Shelves with One Simple Product

Thanks for sharing!The average American wastes 55 minutes every day looking for things they know they own but can’t find.  How much time are you spending looking for things? Your bedrooms, bathrooms, and maybe even a pantry and a garage are all full of cupboards, cabinets, closets, and shelves. Your stuff is EVERYWHERE. Organizing and keeping everything easy to find can be daunting and time-consuming. So if your organization motivation

How to Quickly Plan and Prep Freezer Meals

Thanks for sharing!Have you ever done a freezer cooking session? There you are, furiously chopping vegetables, measuring seasoning, browning ground beef, and portioning out chicken breasts for a couple of hours, and before you know it, dinners for the entire month are done. It makes you feel like the most amazing woman. After a feat like this, I imagine tiny roaring fans cheering me on as I pack the last

18 Sanity-Saving Laundry Tips (+Free Drawer Labels for Kids)

Thanks for sharing!Laundry. The necessary evil of every living human soul (excepting nudists). I’ve heard that some people actually like doing laundry. It’s like their moment of zen. The clean scents, the fluffy warm towels, the neat crisp lines of a perfect fold, and the satisfaction of a job well done. I can see the hypothetical merits of that. When you have multiple people in the home, though, laundry can

Why and How You Should Downsize the Amount of Clothing in Your Home

Thanks for sharing!    100 years ago, before washing machines and dryers, there were farmers’ wives that got the household’s laundry done in two days a week. One day to wash by hand and hang to dry, the other to spend by the fire, heating an iron and ironing the clothes. Back-breaking labor, but still. Two days, and it was done. But how did they not have to wash a

How Using One Simple Word Can Help You Be Happier

Thanks for sharing!Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like the world expects just way too much out of you? Like you need to clone yourself to get everything done? I mean, you’ve got sports practices and games, Co-ops, community clean-ups, Room mom volunteering, class parties, PTO, Parent Teacher conferences, birthday parties,  Booster Club, luncheons, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, pot-lucks, field-trips, church volunteering, Charity races, food drives, bake sales… Sound familiar?

How To Keep Your Children’s Clothing Organized, Even Through Growth Spurts

Thanks for sharing!If you’ve ever tried to organize a child’s closet, then you know it is not a one and done mission. Children are forever growing bigger. Getting out an outfit can go from “let’s put together a cute ensemble” to “Isn’t there anything in here that fits?!” fast. After growing frustrated with my childrens’ clothing, I created a simple system to keep on top of the clothes monster. How

How and Where to Store Recyclables You Plan to Re-purpose

Thanks for sharing!If there is one organization rule to put to memory, it would be this: Make a dedicated place for everything you use in the space in which you use it. Toothpaste in the bathroom drawer with the toothbrush. Knives in the kitchen by the cutting board. Clothing in your room where you get dressed. Easy, right? But what about the other stuff? Like cardboard boxes, plastic bags, paper