5 Black Friday Tips for Quickly Getting Killer Deals from Home

Thanks for sharing!Imagine it’s Christmas morning. Your daughter just opened up a baby alive doll she’s been wanting ever since she saw a YouTube video of it pooping clay into it’s diaper. The bright smile on her face warms your heart, but knowing what you paid for it makes it even better. When you didn’t pay full price for a single item under the tree, it makes the season more

50 No-Prep Healthy Foods For When You have No Time

Thanks for sharing!You need to eat, and heaven knows your family needs to eat, but if you are maxed out on time and motivation because of work, school, chauffeuring, having a new baby, toddlers that eat fifteen meals a day, or all of the above, the solution for meals is having healthy, ready-to-eat, minimal-clean-up, whole food on hand at all times. ALL. TIMES. This just got serious. 50 No-Prep Healthy

Simplified Menu Planning (+100 Easy Dinner Ideas)

Thanks for sharing!Have you ever been staring into your pantry just willing your mind to come up with something for dinner? Having a meal plan can save you from that dread, but then you would have to actually plan ahead. Sometimes when I would sit down to write out a menu plan, I would either be completely stumped and just go with the same go-to trio of chili, spaghetti, and

Spend Less Time Cleaning with these 8 Kitchen Products

Thanks for sharing!  8 of the best, no fuss, easy to care for, efficient cleaning (and cleaning prevention) products that I use in my own kitchen and loooove. Click on the pictures to learn more about them.   NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post, but some links are affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. My recommendations and reviews are

How to Change Your Life for the Better (Free Goal-Planning Guide)

Thanks for sharing! What’s one thing that could significantly change your life for the better? For me, it’s owning a house. I dream about having an immaculate pantry, a backyard with a produce garden, a green lawn where my kids can run around and dig in the dirt, a living room that’s big enough to hold a couch and a loveseat, and I have Pinterest board after Pinterest board dedicated

Have More Time for What You Love by Borrowing these 7 Business Tactics

Thanks for sharing! How much of your time is spent doing things you love? The business world lives and dies by their productivity. Which is why so much effort goes into creating and implementing time-saving tools and methods. Why not build on their ideas to optimize your personal life? These 7 common business tactics can help you make more time for what you love:   1. Schedule and Prioritize The

Maximize Your Time by Ditching your Planner (Free Printables)

Thanks for sharing! At a time in my life when I desperately needed to get it together, a well-intentioned friend gifted me a planner. Oh boy was it pretty. And colorful. And busy. And big! It had pages for everything you could possibly ever think of to plan for and keep track of, from what I was going to eat for breakfast for the next year, right down to what

6 Simple Ways to Save Time Buying Groceries (Free Printable Shopping List)

Thanks for sharing! If you are anything like me, you have children that get HANGRY! A LOT. My toddler’s mouth is like a black hole for fruit and cheese sticks. If the house is not stocked, it ends with me hunting for an old frozen go-gurt in the back of the freezer and even that being gone. It’s like a more panic-stricken version of Old Mother Hubbard. But going to the grocery store (especially with