Organize Passwords and Bill Pay at your Desk (free organizational printables)

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If there was one thing that used to drive me crazy, it was keeping my passwords straight. Lucky for you, I’ve got a free printable password reference sheet for my subscribers + a way to organize your recurring bills and remember their due dates.

How to Organize Passwords and Bill Pay at Your Desk

Free printable password keeper, free printable bill due date organizer dry erase set up to keep your desk organized

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Password Reference Sheet

If I could have one password to remember for everything, I would be happy. (Truth be told, I did for awhile!) But I’m told that’s not safe. And neither is having your browser remember all your passwords. Thus the need for a password reference sheet!

Just fill in your account info and keep it by your computer for easy reference. It’s also nice to have on hand to easily write down the passwords to new accounts you open up or when you change a password.

Now, you’ll never have to change a password because you forgot it again!

Download the free password reference sheet, fill it in with your accounts and paswords, and keep it by your desk/computer for easy refernce

Recurring Bills Reference Sheet

Instead of writing your bills repeatedly into a calendar or planner, you can put your recurring Bills on the print out. Put it inside a heavy-duty sheet protector to turn it into a dry-erase sheet.

When you pay a bill simply check it off with a dry-erase marker.  At the end of the month, wipe it all off and start again. Couldn’t be easier.

If the due date of your bill varies each month, just put in a general range (12th-16th, for example) so you can make sure you pay before it is due.

Never forget about a bill again. Keep this hand where you pay your bills and turn it into a dry-erase sheet by using a sheet protector. Then you can easily check off which bills have been paid each month

Organizing Your Printables

My sister showed me how she puts both of these sheets in the same sheet protector back to back. She sticks hers to the wall by her computer with velcro. So handy!

Now, I keep mine in the drawer of my desk after she showed me this. Before, I had the bills sheet in the kitchen- I’m not sure why I didn’t think to keep it by the computer where I actually pay the bills… silly me.

If you are interested in doing this as well, I recommend using a heavy-duty sheet protector, thicker cardstock, and dry-erase markers (affiliate links for your convenience).

Organize your passwords and recurring bills easily with free printables

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