When to Buy Clothes to Save a Ton of Money This Year

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To save a lot of money while buying clothes, you need to pay attention to the seasonal sale cycles.

I’m in no way advocating buying more than you need or to even fill up your closet, but people can’t just go walking around nude in our society. We have to buy clothes.

And we want our clothes to look good and feel comfortable too. So it takes money.

I want to help you get the best quality clothing that you can to dress your family and feel confident wearing what you buy.

One step to saving a ton of money on clothes is not the where or the what, it’s the when.

Clothing prices rise and fall with every season, so knowing when they hit rock bottom is your best bet.


What is cheapest each month of the year:



Winter Clothes (outerwear, gloves, scarves, sweaters, snow pants, wool socks, snow boots, boots, long sleeve shirts, etc.) are beginning to be clearanced to make way for spring items. For less selection but lower prices, wait until February. January is also a good time to buy fitness gear, and suits. Clothiers aren’t as busy in January, so they drum up suit-buying-business with great sales.


If you are looking for jewelry, Valentine’s Day sales are a great time to buy.


Spring dresses and formal wear. These go on sale before Easter and can be found at deep discounts after the holiday is over. Athletic shoes and rain coats go on sale in April, too.


Late spring is the best time to find treasures on consignment as many people do their spring decluttering in April and May. This is also a great time to go to garage sales. Fitness gear for outdoor use, like running shoes will also begin to go on sale because of the warmer weather.



After Father’s Day, ties will be clearanced. Garage sales are still going strong.


Summer clothes will start to be discounted to make way for fall.


Any summer clearance still remaining, like sandals, swimsuits, and sunglasses will be deeply discounted, and labor Day sales can be huge- watch the sales flyers and emails.


After the back to school sales have ended you will find retailers clearancing out their jeans.



Halloween costumes are on clearance. Shoes are also found on clearance now to make room for winter boots. And pajamas and loungewear hit the sale scene in late November.


The day after Christmas is one of the best days to buy clothes all year long, watch for the ads of your favorite department stores.


Another good way to keep tabs on your favorite store’s sales is to sign up for their email newsletters. They will typically run sales at the beginning of each season, and then put them in the clearance section afterward. If you want to know about these sales, but don’t want them junking up your email, use unroll.me to keep the inbox clutter at bay.


When does summer clearance begin? When can I get the best deal on a winter coat? When you pay attention to the seasonal sale cycles, you can save a lot of money by stocking up on the clearance and crazy sale days.

You can get some really deep discounts on new clothes if you know when to shop. Go here to learn more about the what and the where of saving money on clothes.


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